Lata de Ar do Brasil Souvenir

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Lata de Ar do Brasil.
Leve uma atmosfera alegre, acolhedora, cheia de aromas e lugares incríveis.
A lata de ar do Brasil contém:
12,5 % Samba
​12,5 % Futebol
​12,5 % Carnaval
​12,5 % Axé
​12,5 % Amazônia
​12,5 % Bossa Nova
​12,5 % Copacabana
​12,5 % Cristo Redentor

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Souvenir Brasil

Air from Brazil
Bring a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere, full of flavor and amazing places. 
A can of air from Brazil contains:
12,5 % Samba
​12,5 % Football
​12,5 % Carnival
​12,5 % Axé
​12,5 % Amazon Forest
​12,5 % Bossa Nova
​12,5 % Copacabana beach
​12,5 % Cristo Redentor

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t's a souvenir for people that have a sense of humor and like to keep memories from the cities they visit. Of course, the can doesn’t carry the air of each town. It is actually a joke we do because when we travel somewhere it seems like the smell of the city makes us feel good. The memories of the place relieves and cures stress with good memories, isn’t it? " Explains Alessandro Catenaci, founder of Lata de Ar.

Packed in sardine cans, the air of each city has a unique and very particular composition.  "The concept is unusual and attracts attention. It is like if the tourist could take home a little bit of the atmosphere of each place he has been. We also paid attention to the cans’ design, that has the main sights of each city, always with good humor and creativity, "added the businessman.

In addition to the NY can, Lata de Ar also sells air from Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Foz do Iguaçu, Curitiba, Brasilia, Camboriu, Florianopolis, Gramado, Natal, Fortaleza and cities in Minas Gerais, in addition of a can of air from Brazil, which is a generic option for foreign tourists.

The air can relieves stress and cure nostalgia with good memories

Travelers know it: Many times what captivates us is exactly what we cannot take back home. The charm of the people, the scent of the streets, the cultural atmosphere ... the air!
I mean, things that until not long ago were impossible to take back home.
Now you can! Keep the good memories and sensations or give them as a present with  Air Can souvenir, available in many different versions: New York, Brazil, Curitiba, Foz do Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brasilia, Camboriú, Florianópolis, Gramado, Natal and Fortaleza.
Photos, fridge magnets, city name bags, t-shirts showing  images of unforgettable places ... these are some of the memories that travelers usually take home when they return from a trip.
But some things are only left in memory ...
The cans contain all sensory ingredients of your trip, times and memorable places. Keep these memories forever.
The scent of Rua das Flores, Curitiba; Avenida Paulista, São Paulo; the Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro; the Iguaçu Falls, Foz; Pelourinho, Salvador, and many other cities.
The Air Can relieves stress and brings back those good memories.
A new concept in souvenir
Great Visual Appeal
Take the spirit and atmosphere of the city with you!
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